Eating Out The Bad The Good

‘Mangetout what did you do!’

Crab claw sliders

Upon deciding we were going to be greedy piggies and go for 3 courses I opted for the crab claw sliders hoping to be a slightly lighter option and they didn’t disappoint. Light,fresh and very appetising. A great starter.

12oz USDA smoked prime brisket

And this is where it all went wrong. I’ll start with the slow cooked brisket. Cooked for 18hrs, this meat was amazing and just melted away. Perfect!

Sadly that’s where the awesomeness ends…. No matter what I tried the pickles just didn’t work flavour wise but still good. The real issue here was the ‘buttered’ corn. I can’t say I noticed any butter but worst of all I think it cooked for 18hrs too. It looked how I felt. Ok on the outside but really just about holding it together and complete mush on the inside. Taste had gone from it and it’s watery mush failed to sit right.urgh.

Meat WIN everything else FAIL!!

Not the best picture but I’m glad I took it for notes and to read it properly later because I completely missed the Alabama white sauce! However I wasn’t the only one as this never appeared at our table. For £17 I definitely want my Alabama white sauce!!…….FAIL!

Sticky toffee pudding

Top marks for presentation but this dish needed it. The pudding was dark in colour but lacked flavour. It certainly wasn’t your traditional sticky toffee pudding as the only toffee sauce it had ,was definitely added after and not cooked with the pudding. Very disappointed, I love a good sticky toffee pudding. Then there’s the ice cream. Yellow in colour (yes I’m aware some good icreams are but this was not natural)and more resembling Tesco’s value tub rather than homemade. It didn’t say homemade but from a decent restaurant you would expect it or at least being in the home town of mr rossi’s ice-cream they would of used that but it definitely tasted like bottom end ice-cream. FAIL

Mangetout started well then went downhill. Even Mr. Foodie’s starter of Bayou shrimp was awesome (I should know,I stole some!) . The brisket was fantastic but the rest of the food was a big let down and service was a little slow. I will give them a second chance in the hope it was an ‘off’ night and not just cut backs due to costs in changing location!