Eating Out The Good

Set free to feast at last!

Turtle bay

After what seems like an eternity of lockdown, mr foodie jumped at the chance to book our favourite place on the first night of re-opening and they didn’t disappoint.

Fish fritter starter. Ok,no pics im afraid. After months of lockdown the cocktails and starters disappeared quicker than a camera can flash!….. It was most definitely gooooood 🙂

Fried chicken

The mains lasted just long enough for pics this time!fried chicken,mac n cheese with pickled vegetables. Not mentioning any names but this fried chicken beats any fast food chain and makes incredible comfort food. The mac n cheese could of done with a little extra sauce but still amazing and worth suffering the carb effects! As for the pickled vegetables, the best way I can describe it is like pickled slaw. Really, really nice! Definitely sole food, Im one happy foodie.

Halloumi fries

Being piggies we had a side aswell (I know, I know, calorie and carb overload! But do I care? Not one little bit!). These are by far the best halloumi fries in the world!!! I don’t need a little pot …… I need a bucket of things things!!! Ok, in reality I really don’t. Just 2 of these chunky yummies each is enough but if it isn’t for you then don’t share!

Rum and raisin pudding

I could cry tears of happiness just thinking about this little beauty. If by some miracle you have room for dessert then this is the way to go! Packed with juicy rum soaked raisins it really is joy with every bite (the ice cream isn’t bad either but for me its all about the pudding). Soft,juicy and packed full of flavour I would happily pop in just for dessert intact I think I may just do that one day! (Who am I kidding, with so many yummies no way could I have just one course!)

Big thank you to Turtle bay for the best escaping lockdown meal I could ever ask for….oh and drinks, I highly recommend UB40 cocktail and for non drinkers the Virgin raspberry reggae!!! Thanks again, see you again soon!