Eating in The Good

A chocolate lovers dream

Dark chocolate and salted caramel cottage
Omg omg omg
This may take 8 hours to defrost in the fridge but most certainly worth the wait! However, definitely not for the faint hearted. It’s chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Now I’m not sure how many this is meant to serve but it served 3 greedy foodies and baby foodie had a taste too so I’m presuming 6-8 but i won’t check as my stomach is trying to tell my brain we were good ‘ it serves 2 and we stretched it to 3’ (most definitely wasn’t the case but makes me feel better!) Its only downfall in my opinion was the biscuit base could do with being only half the thickness. Everything else was spot on though I might add, father in law foodie emerged looking a little ‘over indulged’ shall we say. But that was mainly down to our overly generous portion sizes.eek. I’m pretty sure this was just a Christmas item but I will definitely, definitely be looking out for this again. One very happy, round foodie 🙂