Snacks The Good

Rocks…..I mean Clouds

Whilst out (yes out! A rare thing nowadays!) shopping around North Weald Market I came across these little bundles of yumminess!

Now, being a little piggy I popped a whole one into my mouth later that afternoon….. mistake! These are most certainly not clouds! I suppose if I had bothered to read the packaging properly I would of seen the word ‘crunchy’ though I believe ‘rock hard jaw breakers’ may of been a better description bit not necessarily a good selling point huh!

Right,after the initial shock of near breaking my teeth, these are really reaaally nice! Solid chocolate(swiss) with small pieces of salted caramel-almond-nougat and cornflakes. They remind me of the old school cornflake cakes but with a much better chocolate to cornflake ratio!

I will admit I sat and ate these until I felt sick (please note this was not the whole 300g bag, I’m not that piggy) and then had to get Mr Foodie to take them away as I have no self control!

Now as you can see from the cover photo, these were also a hit with the littlest foodie and with only having 12 teeth that you mustn’t let the hardness put you off, anyone can eat these but just don’t expect clouds like some idiot did (me).

So if anyone goes to North Weald Market or sees these any where else, I would like 12 packs please!

I think all has been said that can be. Hard, yummy… Very yummy. A definite must for any chocolate lover and most definitely not a soft fluffy cloud! I’m now off to fight the littlest foodie for what’s left in the bag but she will most likely win. It’s the face you see, can’t argue with the cute face!argh!

Snacks The Good

Funky chunky- kitkat chunky with raspberries and hazelnuts

Ok,very rarely will I accept fruit in chocolate but I like to keep an open mind and just aswell because this took me by surprise… it’s nice!I mean really nice, good enough to eat again nice….I know, I’m shocked too!

I didn’t notice the reduced sugar content nor did it have that artificial taste like some reduced sugar items have. The raspberry and hazelnuts (tiny pieces) worked really well with the KitKat chunky.

Please note this was based on just tasting a third of the actual bar due to the fact I shared it with Mr Foodie who,might I add, finished it off whilst I sat there expecting the last bite!Not to worry though, I’m pretty sure he’s lost a few things to me in the past too!