Eating Out The Good

The Last Supper

Well one last dinner out before tier 3! I dread to think the impact all this is having on poor people’s business’s. Anyway, lets talk fooood!

Dirrrrrty burger!

Miller’s dirty burger

Skipped the started and went straight for the mains. I planned on having a dessert and that’s way more important than the starter!
Although this is a steak restaurant, I happen to prefer how Mr Foodie cooks our steaks at home so I wanted to see what else was on the menu…..and there it was. The dirtiest, yummiest creation I have seen for a long while.

Prime beef burger, tender sliced fillet tails (cooked to your liking), cheddar cheese sauce, pulled beef barnbacoa bearnaise, smoked streaky bacon, Monterey jack, chorizo and burger sauce!

We both opted for the fillet tails to be rare and it didn’t disappoint. The whole burger just melted in my mouth ( obviously I don’t mean I put the whole burger in my mouth at once. However I am more than happy to take that challenge another time!). Seasoned fries were pretty standard but good and then there was the slaw. Sadly that little pot of slaw was the down point (no big deal though, its a minor fault!), it was completely lacking flavour and could tell straight away that this was most definitely bought in from outside suppliers by the tub load. A real homemade slaw would of been so much better and isn’t that hard to be honest. Mr Foodie was particularly sulking over his slaw as only received half a pot whilst mine was overflowing! As I said though, minor fault and not really that fussed.

Onion loaf

Well being the Foodies that we are, we couldn’t go without sharing a side order of their amazing onion loaf. 3 large pieces and very yummy. This is something we definitely must try at home one day. Crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. It was a perfect accompaniment to our burger.

Sticky toffee pudding
apple and rhubarb crumble

We finished the meal with 2 desserts. When I say 2 I don’t mean each! (Though certainly possible). I opted for the sticky toffee pudding and Mr Foodie went for the apple and rhubarb crumble. We then ate half of each (it’s good to share) and I definitely think I had the better deal with the pudding. Just the right amount of sweetness, sticky and moist it definitely finished off the meal nicely. The crumble too was nice but fruit filling a little watery but thats to be expected sometimes with rhubarb. However the custard tasted like tinned custard which is again a shame because a basic recipe for fresh custard really isnt that hard and makes all the difference. Now there’s nothing wrong with tinned, I’m no food snob but when your paying fresh custard prices, you expect fresh custard!

Virgin mojito

I opted for a virgin mojito to drink given that I was designated driver and also because mojito is a favourite of mine. I really enjoyed it. Very refreshing, light and who doesn’t enjoy nibbling on a bit of mint at the end of it all?!….oh, ok thats just me?

So, over all very satisfied and will definitely be happy to return……soon hopefully! I can still taste that burger. Mmmm. It won’t be for a little while unfortunately due to now being in tier 3 and all restaurants closed for dining in. Is it for the best? ….I certainly hope so!