Eating in The Good

Everest Tandori – takeaway

Clockwise from top left: 1. Special rice 2. Kalamirchi 3. Prawn biryani and 4. Freebie(vegetable curry)
Sag and cheese Naan

Our first takeaway with Everest Tandori and we weren’t disappointed.

Well we didn’t order a vegetable curry, it seems to be some sort if extra but hey, not complaining!

OK, the food arrived hot which I know it should but isn’t always the case so that’s box one ticked.

Let me start with the naan. I couldn’t really see or taste cheese but it was very good. It wasn’t soggy or dry and held itself together far better than master foodie when he doesn’t get what he wants. Tasted good and I have to say perfectly done.

Special rice was great, not too dry or sticky and had a good flavour to it. Then there’s the Kalamirchi, I have never had this before and wasn’t disappointed. A good chilli kick to it which was fantastic. I would definitely eat that again. The prawn biryani was also full of great flavours and even the unordered vegetarian was great.

Nothing left a greasy/oily residue on the place which was fantastic. I dont really have much more I can say other than it was very yummy, come on down?!!!!!!!