Drinks Eating Out The Good

Comfort in a cup

I’m not afraid to admit I HATE coffee….*gasp* I said it! I just do. Maybe one day I will warm to it….maybe.

This place isn’t just about the coffee though. There’s hot chocolates, amazing crispy bacon rolls aswell as other savory items and cakes.

Right now lets get to point. You can select whatever you desire!!! I opted for a dark chocolate with a caramel shot and all the trimmings. It was amazing!!!!! ( So much so I’m pretty sure it’s becoming a regular stop). It’s made with actually chocolate,none of this powder nonsense and my choice of the bitterness of the dark chocolate and the sweet from the caramel seemed to work well. As for the coffee lovers like Mr.Foodie (crazy) there us a whole variety of beans to choose from and how you would like your coffee. There’s something for everyone!