Eating Out The Good

The Griffin Public house




Before I begin you have to understand this is technically pub and not restaurant food and based on that it’s very good.

The starter. Prawn Tempura Cocktail.Well it must of been good because I have only just realised this was meant to of been served with bread and butter!! Missing items aside, it WAS good. Prawns weren’t greasy, the batter was nice and light and the prawns were nice and meaty. The marie rose sauce however I found a little heavy but thats personal preference.

The main. Lamb shank.Veggies good, meat gooood, creamed potatoes……uh… stodgy,reheated mash.The creamed potatoes had what I can only describe as a crust. Its where the outside of it has begun to dry out after being exposed to heat. At a guess(and it is just my thoughts), I would say its had a short time in the oven or microwave. It was smooth but quite thick so I found it rather stodgy. The vegetables were perfect and the lamb just fell off the bone just like it should. The jus was good too and both mr foodie and myself left clean plates

The desset. Boozy Christmas Pud.Now unless my ice cream melted,Im damn sure that was custard. It was a boozy custard but mild so I dont think many people could dislike that. The pudding was good though Im never fond of microwave heated pudding but in fairness, there’s nothing wrong with that just me being picky again, sorry! I was however a little disappointed that the pudding itself wasn’t particularly boozy tasting, it was a very basic pudding but again one for all to enjoy.

So, overall very good.Bonus point would of been added if everything was cooked fresh and not reheated in some way but I guess at times this has to be the way.

We will definitely be returning at some point to try their regular menu and we definitely didn’t leave disappointed.